'02 Dodge Dakota-Noise when accelerating??


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Question '02 Dodge Dakota-Noise when accelerating??

Hi All..I'm hoping you can help me out as you guys have in the past. I have a 2002 dodge Dakota QuadCab v8 and it's making a loud noise when I accelerate. It seems to match the speed, louder as I go faster and slows down as the truck does. It sounds sorta like 'road noise' but I know it isn't that. I had new shocks installed a few months back and then started to notice it. That made my tires cub out, so I have just replaced all 4 tires and had a 4 wheel aligment. The noise is still there. Is it maybe a hole in the exhast?? or the transmission?? had that fluid changed last year( approx. 5K miles ago). Any help would be great! thanks!
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Take a look under vehicle, at your exhaust system. Does it run close to either of your rear shocks, or perhaps a hanger was moved, or has let go since shocks put on. (just a shot in the dark)
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Dakota Noise

Mike, I have a 2005 Dakota that has the same noise that you were looking to find answer to. I also thought it was the tires and I had all 4 replaced, but the noise is still there. Did you find out what the problem was? If so would you please let me know? Thanks.....Kevin M

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