Big noises after tire rotation


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Big noises after tire rotation

Hi, I did a tire rotation on my 98' Accord. After the rotation, when the car gets to around 40mph, you could hear noises coming from behind. Sounds like airplanes flying over head or motorcycles from behind.

I took the car back to the mechanics and was told there might be some contact issues due to the force of taking off and reattaching the tire. It most likely will go away. The mechanic took out rear tires and reattach them. However, after I drove the car back, the noises became worse. Now the noises become very noticeable even when the car is at low speed.

Any thought? Should I take the car back to the mechanics or go to some other places to take a look? Before the balancing/rotation, there was no noise at all.

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Sounds like one of your tires is maybe having contact with maybe your mud guard on your fender ? do a visual inspection with a good flashlight even in daylight ,
it could also be some other issues such a bearings or brakes but check for foreign contact there since you say it started right after tire rotation
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Have someone follow you and see if there is any wobble in your rear tires. It could be a lug nut situation, also, but I concur with the direct contact thing. Are the rear and front tires the same size?
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You need to get the car off the ground and rotate and shake the wheels. It might be wise to go to another mechanic.
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Were the tires simple moved from front to back or were they cross rotated? In other words was the right front rotated to the left rear and left front to the right rear?

Alignment problems can cause a cupping wear pattern to the tires and then when cross rotated this can cause a loud humming noise. Run your hand around the tire clockwise and then counterclockwise. If one way feels smooth and the other way feels rough then you may be dealing with a tread wear pattern that is causing the noise.

If your certain the noise is originating from the rear then try swapping the two rear tires right to left and see if the noise changes or goes away.
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Tire Noise

Brents makes a valid point. Tires set up a wear pattern and when tires are rotated those wear patterns can set up a noise until the tires wear a little and the wear pattern is minimized. I have heard tires that sounded just like a bad wheel bearing. Tires will set up a wear pattern on cars where all of the alignment angles are correct. If shocks or the alignment are not within specs the wear pattern can be exagerated and then you can get a lot of noise when they are rotated. If you had unusual tire wear prior to the rotation you should look into that. If the tire wear patterns were normal prior to rotation, just live with the noise until the tires wear a little. I am not saying that there may not be other issues with your car, I just want you to know that what you are experiancing may be normal.
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The noises are not from mud guard contact and I don't feel tire wobble either. The tires are pretty new and from the wear pattern I see, I don't think it could make that noise either.

I am not sure how the tires are rotated. I probably will go back and ask them put tires back to where they were and see what happens.

One thing the mechanic said was that even without tires mounted, he could hear noises when he rotated the brake blades, and that is the reason he think the force of taking out and reapplying tires caused a different contact pattern between the brake blades and ...(?). Does that make sense? If it is due to the balancing, wouldn't the mechanic be responsible for fixing that? He somehow suggested it is nature and not fixable, but pretty vague on whether it is harmful or not.

I will go to different places to check it out too.

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