1998 Ford Windstar won't start


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1998 Ford Windstar won't start

I have a 1998 Ford Windstar, last month it wouldn't start, took it and had the battery tested, was told I needed new battery. A month later car wouldn't start again, took it and had the altenator tested, that was fine said I needed new starter. Had new starter put on, a week later car won't start. When I drive the car a lot, it will start the next day. If I don't drive it a lot, it won't start. It will turn over and seem like it wants to start, but won't. Any ideas what the problem could be?
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When it wouldn't start in each instance would it turn over but not fire, or would it simply not turn over? If it was turning over but not firing when you replaced the starter, someone gave you bad advice.

If I understand it, right now it will turn over and try to fire, but won't quite run? If so, I would try a fuel filter. Fairly cheap and even if it doesn't cure your problem it's a preventive maintenance item that needs to be replaced periodically anyway.

If you let it sit for a few days and it "won't start" is it because it will crank over but not fire or is it not cranking over. If it's not cranking over after a few days either the battery is bad and losing it's charge or you have a slow drain on the system that is gradually killing it.

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