fuse keeps blowing


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fuse keeps blowing

hi all! i'll get right to it... computer command fuse blew on my 94 chevy corsica 3.1. installed new 15a fuse, worked well for a day and blew again. 15a is original fuse size. where do i begin searching for a solution... any help is greatly appreciated.
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I really don't know.

MY first question would be in asking what is there about a computer command that could do that.

Seems easier to figure out why say a blower motor blows a fuse. I'd want to know where there could possibly be a big draw of current in just the computer, or if it could be a short in the wire going to it, or something associated with it (something perhaps the computer operates) that does not have it's own fuse.

Until this gets resolved, you may want to now pay real close attention to what you are running when that blows. And research wiring diagrams. And for starters, giving everything a good look over to see if there is not something obvious, like say battery acid had been working on some wires.
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ecman51, thank you for your response... i think we found the problem. the other day my brother used the car and said it overheated because the fan didnt kick on. so he searched for a live wire and tied the fan into it. this all happened before any fuses blew. so im hoping he found a wire for the computer...

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