97 Toyota Avalon - Dash Bulb Replacement


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97 Toyota Avalon - Dash Bulb Replacement

The light bulb behind my speedometer has burned out. I can no longer see the speedometer or the gas gage at night. Can someone please explain how to access these dashboard gage lightbulbs? Thanks!!!
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The instrument cluster has to come out in order to access the bulbs from behind. Generally speaking you have to tilt the steering wheel all the way down, remove trim pieces from around the cluster that usually pop off (or sometimes have a couple screws to augment the clips holding it), then remove screws that actually hold the cluster in place. The cluster is then carefully pulled forward until you can reach the electrical connector to disconnect it. Can be a real challenge and keep in mind you are working very close to the steering wheel so the air bag comes into play from a safety standpoint.

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