Synthetic Oil... regular oil filter?


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Synthetic Oil... regular oil filter?

I am planning to use synthetic oil 5W30 oil in my 92 Geo tracker. Can I use a regular oil filter?

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yes...but why would you be using synthetic oil in a 15 y/o car? If you have been using mineral oil until this time, you may have more problems if you switch. Not considering the fact that synthetic will cost you what....3 times as much?
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I got the oil on sale at the same price as regular oil... is there a problem in switching to synthetic oil from regular oil in a 15 year old vehicle? I just thought it would help out the engine somewhat...
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Yes you can use a regular oil filter, you'd be better off just buying a high performance oil filter such as mobil 1 or k&n then you can do your oil change at 5 or 6K miles intervals, when using full synthetic of course, thats what I do on my wife's 2000 suburban , never had any problems, oil comes out still somewhat clean.
Synthetic outperforms mineral oil in every aspect except cost
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I've done a bit of reading on synthetic and have heard that when you make the switch to synthetic, it flushes you engine of sludge... can this flushed sludge become a problem elsewhere in the engine?
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It has a mild cleansing effect. I doubt the cleaning will be instantaneous. You won't have to worry about chunks being let loose inside the engine. The filter will take care of it. People make too much out of synthetic oil.
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Synthetic Oil= superior lubricating qualities and performance in extreme cold and hot operating conditions!!! If that is making too much out of it then I guess I'll just keep making too much out of it. Todays petroleum oils are far superior to what they used to be but they are far out ranked by synthetic oil. Why do you think vehicle manufacturers install it in their premium performance vehicles? Some of the test data I have seen would astound you.
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Our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan calls for 5W20 oil (which is a synthetic blend)... could I use the 5W30 100% synthetic oil I bought... it is not the same grade...
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Howitzer, on a 2005, it is probably still under warranty. Check your owner's manual and be sure that this is an okay substitution. If the engine would fail and they could prove that you used the wrong oil it could void the warranty.
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Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil if it is good enough for gas turbine engines it must be good.
We run that at work in our aircraft engines as does every airline or gas turbine operator. I dont use it in my cars because of the cost but I am thinking about it.

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