94 Astro Transmission shifting Problem


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94 Astro Transmission shifting Problem

94 Chevy Astro Van drove fine around town, or so we thought. Took it out to faster traffic and trans was jumpin a bit, like slipping from 3rd to second gear. Checked fluid and it seemed ok, maybe a hair low. Put in a little fluid, and now trans won't shift out of 2nd gear. Shifts slow and soft into second gear, but won't go into 3rd or the overdrive 4th gear at all. Acts the same no matter if driving in the 'D' position on the shifter, or on the circled 'D' for overdrive position. Tried to shift manually from a dead stop , takes off fine in first and won't shift out of second gear. Any info on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance, Syx.
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How many miles on the beast, Syx? Wouldn't hurt to see if there are any tranny codes stored in the computer. OBDI GM stuff (like my '94 Chevy W4 wrecker) is pretty easy to pull codes on. Check here:


You'll need to check the 8th digit of the vin # to look up any codes in their charts. The tranny codes will be in the 60s, 70s, & 80s.

Last time my tranny (4L80E) failed (had about 280,000 miles on it at the time) the failure mode was pretty much as you describe, but I don't recall what my tranny guy said had crapped out internally.
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94 Astro Transmission shifting Problem

Oh wow, forgot to mention miles on it. Digital readout says 50850 I believe. Far as I know digitals read to 6 digits or more, right? So I don't believe it has been rolled over. The Body and Interior are Immaculate.
I know how to pull codes on older models, with check engine light. Putting a jumper to the 'a' 'b' terminals on the data link coupler and read the check engine light flashes. No check engine light has lit, yet anyways. I will check out the link you posted.
Thanx for the reply with the helpful info. Syx.
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94 Astro EXT Transmission shifting Problem (edit)

084066 is the digital readout of milage on the 94 Chevy Astro Van EXT. (was way off B4) . Just took it out, shifted fine! Seems to be allright till all is warmed up. Low speed shifting at around 18 and 28 mph, approx. Only went like 15 block round trip to get some coffee and didn't go far enough at steady speed to see if OD is kickin in.......
Am going to take it out in an hour or so after it cools down all the way onto a longer stretch of road to see what happens.
Thanx again, 'Tow Guy' for the help. Laters, Syx.

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