Wipers not working


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Wipers not working


1999 Cadillac Catera. My wife started the car the other day and the wipers were caked in ice. The wipers broke free. But, they stopped working soon after.

The motor runs when I turn on the switch but the wipers do not move. I can manually move the wipers by hand and there are no restrictions or problems - they move smoothly.

It seems like the wiper mechanism has become detached from the motor. Is there a belt or something that connects the two? Thanks for the help.

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There is usually mechanical linkage. Try to find the wiper motor and move the wipers by hand, see what moves and what doesn't, you most probably seperated the linkage somewhere. Should be an easy fix.
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The wiper arms are secured to the wiper transmission by a nut. Pop the plastic cap off of each wiper arm nut and make sure the nuts are tight. These are known to come a little loose, causing the wiper arm not to move while they are turned on.
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Thank you...wish this was not winter time!

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