Turn signal flasher


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Turn signal flasher

Could you please tell me where the turn signal flasher is on a 1995 Chevrolet S10 pickup? They aren't working and I checked the fuse, which is good. Thanks
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Autozone dot com has repair guides on their site. I guessed that you have the more common V6. I was able to pull up wiring schematics and a repair guide for your truck.

When you say "They aren't working", I don't understand you. Do you mean the turn signal lights at the front, back or both sides are not lighting up? Is the light on your dash flashing when you activate the switch? How about when you activate the hazard lights?

Assuming it's just one light, you may have a loose connection at it. The autozone repair guide I saw had step by step pictures of taking apart the light assembly to replace the bulb. You may want to look at that and post more details here.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you mobile_man. While I was waiting on a reply I decided to go investigating and I tore apart the under dash panels in the pickup. After lots of unscrewing and destruction I finally found the hazard flasher and turn signal flashers just to the left of the cigarette lighter. They are side by side and it seems the left one is the hazard flasher and the right one is the turn signal flasher in case anyone else needs to know.

The hazard flasher is working but none of the turn signals are working. Also, none of the indicator lights on the dash are working. Since I changed the fuse and they still aren't working I can only assume it's the flasher itself that went bad.

Thanks again and I hope my info helps someone else.
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Put the hazzard flasher inplace of the turn signal flasher to verify, before you go buy the flasher.

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