Rubbing compound how-to

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Rubbing compound how-to

I recently got several minor scratches from some bushes as I was maneuvering my truck while helping to move some furniture. The scratches aren't deep, fortunately, but it's pretty unsightly. I know rubbing compound could probably take them out without any damage, but I've never used it before and I don't know where to start. I have a buffer, but have only used it to polish wax on a car.
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It's similar to hand waxing. Damp sponge, or rag, work in a circular motion. Wipe off with dry cloth, if still there, re-apply. Careful what grit you use. I'd try fine first, rather than going coarse, and then having to fine compound the coarse out. Depends on how deep the scratches are. Deep, go coarse. Slight, go fine. Apply a good coat of wax to the area after.
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The finer stuff is sometimes labeled "polishing" compound vice "rubbing".

I would NOT recommend using an electric buffer/polisher.
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rubbing compound

Depending on how deep they are, and how old the paint is (clearcoated or not) I would try one of the products specifically for scratches. Scratch-out and Scratch-fix come to mind. I've had good luck with the colored type as well, on non clear-coat finishes. If the scratches go thru the color coat, buffing with anything is not going to help that much.

Even the white polishing compound could be too aggressive if you aren't careful.

Whatever you use...

Damp soft cloth...cloth diapers are excellent

Lightly rub along length of the scratch in circular motion

As you rub, it will start to dry to a haze

Buff with soft dry cloth

Check results and repeat if necessary.

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