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Cool Head light Covers


How can I remove what looks like a film from the plastic headlight covers on a 1997 Buick? It is so bad it is hard for me to see the road at night even with the lights on HI.


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Its probably not a "film" as such, but that the plastic headlamp assy has just hazed over due to age and use. You didn't state if it had any color to the "film". If its yellowish and still slick to the touch. Then the plastic has probably been degraded by exposure to sunlight. If its just whitish, and you can feel a slightly rough texture to the surface of the lens, polishing it would probably improve it.

There are a number of places that advertise this service, and the results are pretty good. You could probably do a decent job yourself with something like "mother's power-plastic" polish and a buffing wheel on a drill.

I used mothers's and a pow-r-ball buffer on my 2001 Tribute and a bud's 93(?) Jeep, and they both came out much better than before. Total cost, bout $25.
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Are they yellowed? If so, you can buff them out with some light compound and polish. But if it's on th inside, you'll need to get new lights. You could try to take the lenses off, but they will probably break since they are glued on.
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yeah what mr D said is what I meant as well, didn't state it so clearly.

Also, if theres any water or moisture inside, then as that evaporates from the heat of the bulb, it will leave a film on the inside of the lens, and theres not much you can do about that if they're one piece.

And LORD, they are expensive to replace if you go to the dealer. If you go the replacement route, then the internet and maybe local salvage yards.

Good luck
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buff them

You might be able to buff them with some plastic polish and a buffer(I say maybe) because like said before the sun really tears up plastic and breaks it down so there is nothing but replacment possible.
I sure do miss the old round sealed beams made of just glass and 2 bucks at the parts store.
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Gunguy45, I was actually typing when you were. I had to take a phone call half way through and you beat me to posting .

But yeah, if the film is in the inside, best bet would to go to a salvage yard. Check out www.car-part.com for yards in your area that may have your headlights .
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if u go to crystal clear .com they have a kit u can use i have 2001 montana and i did it it work real well i got mine at AUTO Zone STORE BUT SOME WALMARTS HAVE IT TO IT CALLED CRYSTAL CLEAR I HOPE THIS HELPS

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