windshield wiper cleaner in antifreeze


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windshield wiper cleaner in antifreeze

Yep. I put about 1/3 gallon of that windshield wiper cleaner in the antifreeze thing by mistake. Found a hose and siphoned it out but color was green not blue so it already is blended in I guess . Will it hurt anything? Am I going to have to flush radiator now? rats.
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If you put the cleaner in the radiator overflow tank, but didn't start and drive the car, and have now siphoned out the overflow tank (and refilled it to the correct level) you should be fine.

Thats just my opinion, I sure wouldn't drain flush and refill for that amount.

One of the certified ASE guys may say different, but I guess it depends on the car and how big the cooling system is.
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Thanks Gunguy45. I think I will just add 1/3 gallon of straight antifreeze and let it go. That is a fairly small amount of windshield washer. Its an 88 dodge caravan with a 3.0 motor. runs good after sitting on farm for 4 years. I only paid 200$ for it.
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After sitting that long, you should flush and fill anyway.

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