blower motor 93 Lumina


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Question blower motor 93 Lumina

Hi, I have a 93 Lumina sedan that runs just fine but the heater blower quit just last week. Symptoms before it quit were: slowing down and varying speed of blowing, stopping but starting if dash was given a healthy smack, finally quit and doesn't blow at all now. Any suggestions of what to check? Also, where is the blower motor located? Is it inside the cab or is it on the firewall? Exact location would be great so I can at least look at it in case there's anything obvious wrong. Any help/information appreciated.
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Sounds to me like its time to replace the blower motor. It is located under the dash above the foot area on the passenger side. 3 hex headed screws hold it in place.
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Smile Thank you!

Thank you very much for responding. I was worried that it was really buried and would cost a bundle to dig out and replace.
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check this also

I have found out also that the blower motor that runs slow will cause the blower resistor to overheat and fail. While you are in there check out the resistor for any opens.
It is located in the same area and has the wires plugged into it and held on with two or maybe three screws.
It will have three wires that are coild they should be hooked up on both sides.
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Smile You guys rock

Thanks for the additional information, I'll definitely check that first before taking it to the garage. I'm so impressed with the people on this website who are willing to answer questions for others who don't have their knowledge. much appreciated.

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