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door handle

need to replace inside door handle 97 gm sierra. Do i need to remove entire panel and any special tools required?
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Yes, the door panel needs to come off. No special tools needed. The trim piece around the door handle needs to come off too. Can be tricky, but be patient. You take a regular screwdriver and stick it between the handle trim piece and the handle assembly, in 4 spots. Srtaight up, down, left and right. It should pop right off. There are 2 bolts in the arm rest area were you pull the door to close it, they need to come out. The door panel retainers that secure the panel to the door are pretty tough, meaning they can be tough to release. Use the screwdriver and lightly pry between the door and the panel, you will hear/feel the retainers releasing. Once the panel is off, there may either be a bolt or a rivit holding the handle in place, remove it. Then you can slide the handle to release it and remove the rod. You may be able to use a bolt or screw to resecure the new handle. If not, you'll have to put a rivit in it.

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