1992 Mitsubishi Expo/LRV Oil Leaks

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Question 1992 Mitsubishi Expo/LRV Oil Leaks


92 Expo LRV (Mitsubishi)

runs perfect - but has an oil leak

- lets start with whats been replaced so far

New Distributor Stalk Seal (O-Ring basically)
New Valve cover Gaskets (Including Spark Plug Gromets)

still leaking

Now - I am sure its not the Head Gasket - this car has never over heated - there is no Oil in the coolant, no coolant in the oil either

so i am left with guessing its a Rear seal

Oil puddles/pools on the left hand side of the motor - one shop said head gasket leak - however I am not over heating, or finding coolant in oil or oil in the coolant -- this cars never ran any hotter then the day I first got it
-- question is
how accurate of a guess is this - and what does this cost to repair at a shop? rough estimate?
and if I go to get it repaired what other seals or parts should I have em repair while they have the motor lifted?

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have someone clean it and add some flourescent dye to the oil. start it up and start looking with the black light. if it doesn't leak right away, drive it for a bit and look again.

either way, the dye and black light is very accurate.

ps...just because an engine hasn't been over heated, doesn't mean the head gasket can't/won't fail. the cast iron block and aluminum cyl head expand and contract at different rates and scrube the gasket each time they are thermal cycled. eventually almost all head gaskets fail on bi-metal engines. i don't think that's your problem tho...get the dye and black light test done
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Dyes and Such

I guess I should give the Dye a Try - but I am really leaning towards the Rear Seal being out

- as for the Head Gasket - I know that over time the expansion and contraction of the metals can slowly grind the gasket down - but I sort of thought that would really take way longer then the cars age

but i guess seeing how this expo is a 92 it has been a very Long time its possible it ground down

my main concern was if it is indeed a headgasket and im not finding oil in the coolant or vice versa - im guessing from what i know thats a good indicator that the head is not warped or damaged its most likely a Gasket if that is indeed where the leak is

but one of my most trusted mechanic friends is sure that its rear seal

Say its just the Gasket and the head isnt warped or damaged - that shouldnt be too bad I can buy new head gaskets myself cheap for this car - it just might cost a pretty penny to get the mechanics to tear her down and replace it

Im not sure what to do


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