Overheating Toyota


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Overheating Toyota

I have a 2000 Toy Camry with a 2.2 L 4 cyl; A few weeks ago the heat was blowing cold and the temp guage was getting hot. I stopped immediately and after the radiator cooled, which didn't take long because it was snowing, I filled the radiator with water. The temp guage stayed in the normal range and the heat was hot. I had the system pressure checked and everything checked ok. The mechanic said that the thermostat may have gotten stuck and said to watch the guage and replace the thermostat if it happened again. Today it happened again. My wife stopped immediately and added water and everything returned to normal. When she was leaving work, she started the car and traveled about 100 yards and the engine stopped and now it will not start. What now?
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TG is the Camry Guy here. I would guess a blown headgasket/warped head.

Need a little help here, TG.
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That would be my assumption as with any modern car; they don't react well to overheating and generally blown head gasket follows. No heat and temp gauge going up could have been from low coolant level in the system. How much did it take when you refilled it? Not sure how thoroughly the mechanic checked it out, but it needs some serious troubleshooting. Now that it won't start, either, the diagnostic work will probably be easier. I wouldn't be too optimistic about a cheap fix. The overheating could in fact have been a stuck thermostat, but that's not what's keeping it from starting now. When you turn the key does it at least turn over?

How many miles on it? That engine is just about bulletproof.

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