help! Radiator question for poor daughter


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help! Radiator question for poor daughter

My daughter’s beater overheated. I THINK the thermostat stuck closed, and the overheating cause two pin hole leaks in the radiator shroud adjacent to the upper radiator hose. Guess there isn't much radiator repair these days and we're talking $250 for a new radiator installed.
These are pin holes.... IS IT POSSIBLE TO USE SOME EPOXY or other stuff to stop the leak at these holes instead of replacing the whole thing in my poor daughter's clunker?

I am thinking the thermostat is stuck closed cause although it was out of water I could only get a little over a gallon of water poured into the overflow tank. When it got hot, there was still pressure at the overflow tank opening and it was still full...yet it was HOT. Seems like the water couldn't flow into the engine, making more room for more liquid.
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Let's start with some basics.

Make/model/year/mileage? Metal radiator end pieces or plastic?

How long was it run hot? Reason I ask is overheating a modern engine, even for a short period is a shortcut to blown head gasket(s) which would be considerably more than a new radiator
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more detail

sorry, 1994 Chevy Corsicca V 6 . not sure of radiator type.
sorry, didn't mean the sourounding shroud. the leak is in the radiator itself, but the metal casing around it (next to the upper hose), not in the fin area.

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We had the same exact car and it started leaking the same way. Tried epoxy and it didn't hold up. Ended up replacing the radiator.
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If it's the original radiator, then stop leak will work temporarily at best. The radiator is corroding and has reached the end of its useful life. My limited experience shows that location is most prone to go first because of old age.

I don't believe in stop-leak for radiators because it has a tendency to clog up internal passages as well.

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