please help very very urgent. leakage from below the car.


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please help very very urgent. leakage from below the car.


Honda accord 2007 , automatic transmission V4

I accidently got the bottom portion of my car bumped and scraped due to a dip in road(i was at very low speed maybe 5 mile or even slow). after coming back home i saw some dripping from bottom of car it is coming from some upper portion of car and is near the radiator pipe. the fluid dripping is non oily and there is no odour to it. after checking it again in 1 hr i saw fuild is still dripping but speed is now slow. I coukld also see some scratching of metal below car but radiator looks gud without any damage.Can anyone suggest me what could be the problem. I need to get to know it ASAP as i have to pick someone from airport tommorow(sunday) and mechanics will be closed on sunday... Any suggestions ...can i take a risk n drive tomm by that car for 70 miles.
i dont remember properly but i think my wife told me a month back that there was some drops below the car and ignored it thinking that maybe coolent is overflowing because we have bought this car just 4 months back.
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I would not attempt to risk the ride to airport.
You did not mention wether the car is standard or automatic.
If it is automatic there maybe a line going to your radiator from the transmission, the fluid leaking would have a red tint to it. If it is a standard there would not be any leak by radiator. If the fluid is non oily you may just have a radiator leak, or a hose leak. Check your antifreeze level fill if needed and see if level drops. If it looks like the puddle is about a pints worth check to see if the level in your resivoir dropped a pints worth.
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its an automatic transmission and fluid leaking is clear and odourless.
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clear and odorless? Water condensation from the air conditioning which would be normal. Also look at your windshield washer tank hoses....sometimes people fill this up with water for some reason.

If it's not brown/black, it's not oil.

If it's not green/red and have a antifreeze smell, it's not your cooling or tranny.

If it doesn't smell like fuel, you are safe to drive it.
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thanks everyone for the input. we didnt not used our air conditioning today as its pretty pleasent at 60 .

any other inputs?
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Yeah if its a 2007 and in doubt just take it to stealership my friend thats why you have a warranty on it.
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You ignored the first warning signs now don't ignore this one.
Park it till you can find out what the fluid is, and where its coming from. Then take it to the dealer

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