98 silverado exterior door handle broken!


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98 silverado exterior door handle broken!

I have a 98 silverado and have to change the outside door handle. I am unsure of exactly how to do it. The outside housing is cracked and the handle can be pulled away from the door about an inch and a half. I purchased a new one and need some advice on how to replace the broken one. Anyone help me?-

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You need to remove the inside door panel. After that, you need unbolt and partially remove the black metal piece that the regulator and stuff is bolted to. But leave the window up because there is 1 bolt you need to get to, requiring the window to be up. The other bolt you need to remove has a plastic cover over it, you can see it with the door opened directly behind the handle. The lock cylinder has a little metal thing that secures it to the handle. You release the metal thing with a small screw driver and the cylinder will come out unless it is corroded. If corroded, you need to remove the rod from the cylinder and figure out a different way to get it out once the handle is off the truck. These handles can be a pain in the behind to do, even for a mechanic. You run the risk of scratching the hell out of the paint around the handle, so make sure you tape around the handle to protect the paint. You also run the risk of bending the latch/handle rods and damaging the window regulator.

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