front end wobble


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front end wobble

I have a '92 Plymouth Voyager. There has been a clunking in the front end for some time now. The clunking only happens when on rough road. Recently it feels like the front end wobbles while coasting. If I turn the wheels slightly or accelerate it stops the wobble. Again , it only wobbles when coasting.


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This is one area where I'd prefer to have a shop look at it. You could have ball joints or struts bad or who knows all what. Even combinations of things. Old age, parts that haven't been greased in ages.....

Unless you understand how eveything works together on your front end, I don't think I'd mess with it.

You may luck out and have something like a broken belt in the tire. But I'd have some tire/front end shop look at it. And soon. You could at least get their advice and then decide if you can handle it or not.

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I have to agree with Ecman51, that it should be checked by qualified mechanic, just for piece of mind if nothing else. Front stablizer bushings will cause front end noise similar to what you describe, (been there) and possibly upper strut bushings, or both. Wobble, may very well may be a bad belt in a tire, or CV joint going, but like he said, don't risk it, have it checked then decide if you can handle it, or need to pay someone for safety sake.

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