88 Camry brake lights?


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88 Camry brake lights?

88 Toyota brake lights - none of them work. I've already replaced all three bulbs and the fuse with no change. The thing I am unfamiliar with is that with this car the night time tail lights (that come on when you put your headlinghts on) use a different fuse and wires than the rear brake lights - even though they both work the exact same bulbs. I have never seen this before. Also, there is a light on the dash that is suppose to warn you if one of your lights is blown out - again something I am unfamiliar with. Oh, by the way, the dash warning light that should say if the bulbs are blown does NOT light up either. Besides the usual shorted/cut wires or bad switch at the brake pedal - what else could be wrong? Is there some other unusual aspect to the wiring that could be causing this condition? Has this happened to anyone else?
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brake switch

I am going to say brake switch is bad. The bulbs have two elements that is how they work one is for normal lights and the other is a brighter one for the brakes.
The switch is located somplace one the brake pedal arm inside the car.
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turn on the emergency flashers and see if the lights work. not sure about your car, but a lot of cars use the same element in the bulb for flashers and brake lights. if they burn, the bulbs are good. i would suspect the plug going to the brake light switch either activated by the brake pedal or possibly a pressure switch in the brake line at the proportioning valve.??

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