Another cra..I mean Windstar problem


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Angry Another cra..I mean Windstar problem

Afternoon....After spending a few G's last summer on the windstar tranny (after loosing the torque converter on top of the Big Horns) The blasted thing is starting to act flaky again.

1999 Windstar SEL, 3.8L, 88K.

After warming up and stopping at a stop light it will surge or buck a few times. Most of the time it will do this every time you stop. It is most notable after everything is warmed up. Fluid is where it should be.

Is is possible the selector (not sure of the correct name) is slightly out of alignment and causing the problem? The reason I think this, that once in a while when you put it in park you cannot remove the key until you jiggle the shift lever or push it farther into Park.

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It could be the cable, but do you know if the valve body in the tranny was replaced or rebuilt as well? This is the unit that actually controls all your shifting, along with the solenoids.

I'm not completely knowledgable on trannies, so hang in there.
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The solenoid was replaced 30 days before the TC was replaced. The dealer remarked that the trans had not been out in quite a while since the mounting bolts had to be cut off to get to the torque converter. Before that the cable mounting bracket had broken and wired but was replaced by the dealer. I don't know if the tranny had to be dropped to replace the solenoid (speed sensor/shaft?), but shifting was fine after the parts were replaced and again after the torque conv was repaired. It looks like I'll have to take it back in this week or the next, but I am growing tired of flushing my money down the drain on this thing.

How hard is it for this type of thing to be diagnosed? We had a cam position sensor (previous thread two years ago) go bad that the dealer could not diagnose. Had them replace anyhow and the engine quit squealing and stalling.

thanks for the input.
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Something you could also check out does it have overdrive? possible the lockup solenoid is acting up and trying to engage when your at a stop most of the time it will make the car die but i guess it could be possible it slipping in and out of lockup

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