Difference between 3L and 3.0L?


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Difference between 3L and 3.0L?

Is there a difference between a chrysler 3L and 3.0L?
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Same thing as far as I know. Both mean 3 litre engine. If it's an ad your reading, some print 3.0L. some 3L.
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I was asking because on my mom's chrysler new yorker the engine says 3.0L and on a chrysler caravan we were lookin at the engine said 3L
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Interesting. Now I'm wondering why that cop yelled "I've got a 'FIVE OH' man, you can't outrun me". I would have understood him much clearer over the siren if he had just said "five liter".

Well, it sounded beefier anyway. One learns something new every day.
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And some, like 3.8L, will say "3800".

Could have been worse; he could have yelled, "I've got a Glock!".

And in the category of useless trivia something I didn't know until recently: A BMW's model designation contains the engine size in the last two digits, i.e. a 318i is a 1.8L, a 535i is a 3.5L, etc.

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