05 Tahoe w/ 130k miles


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05 Tahoe w/ 130k miles

Hey guys, I am looking at buying a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe and would like your opinion on the matter. Test drove it today and it ran awesome and look even better. The only problem is that is has 130k miles. The dealer said it was all highway miles and new the previous 1 owner who used it for business. The good news it in only $18k. It is fully loaded with Z71 package, bose sound system, navigation system, leather heated seats, power sunroof, towing package, rear entertainment, dvd player, and 3rd row seat and bucket 2nd row seating.

What is you all's opinion. The only concern I have is the milage. It has a carfax (for what that is worth) that showed good records of no major problems. I consider myself a sound mechanic and can work on and repair most any problems. My question is should the milage be a major concern. Does this type of vehicle have many problems or do they last a very long time with proper maintenance.

Any comments or opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, mrt19
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An 05 with that many miles would have to be mostly highway miles and that type of driving is a lot easier on a vehicle than in city stop and go.

A consideration may be when someone knows they are going to run up a lot of miles and trade a vehicle off it may get treated a little rougher than one that was intended to be kept for a long time.

If you were going to keep the truck for a long time yourself the miles on it probably wouldn't matter, but if you trade it off after a couple of years you may take a hit on the higher mileage.

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Hi milage tahoe

Thanks for the opinion. It is something we will keep for a while, probably about 10 years or so. My wife and go through cycles. 5 years ago I bought a 2000 S10 pickup for me. Once we got it paid off it is her turn to get a new car. Then when it is paid off it will be my turn.

Like I said in the first post it looked and drove great and the dealer said it was all highway used for business. It looks like it was taken care of very well, inside looks great and not dirty at all.

So I should not be concerned about the mileage. It may have 200k before we get something else. Thanks again, mrt19
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Normal wear items like brakes, shocks, may need replacing soon. If it is an auto tranny, check the dip stick for pink or red fluid. if it is dark and / or has a burned smell, you could be looking at big bucks. If the previous owner had regular oil changes and routine maintenance, you could have a winner, G L
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You don't say what engine it has but I'll assume it is the 5.3 L being a Z71, that's not too many miles for that engine if it had a 4.8 L maybe I'd be thinking about it, I have a 2000 C2500 work truck woth the 5.3L with 199K miles on it and going very strong and smooth, go for it ....
Issues that you may have on my experience : fuel pressure regulator going bad, fuel pump ? from what I hear , and maybe one or two coil packs but they're cheap and easy to change..( no distributor on these, one coil pack per cylinder
That auto 4x4 is something else once you test it on mud or snow you'll know what I'm talking about...
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thank you

Just wanted to sat thanks to everyone who has responded about the Tahoe. It does have the 5.3. I pretty much have made up my mind but just wanted a few unbiased views on the matter. Just with any used vehicle purchase you take chances with anything you buy.

thanks again for kinda of reassuring my feelings on the matter. Time to call the salesman.


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