rear brake shoes


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rear brake shoes

I bought a new set of rear brake shoes for my 2000 Dodge Dakota... I noticed that the new secondary shoes do not have a little "pin" on them that the old ones do. The adjuster spring and adjuster lever are attatched to it. I looked up the shoes on a couple of sites and they all just have a hole where this pin is. It doesn't seem to be something that comes apart, but I didn't want to try to hard and break something. Anyone out there have any experience with something like this?
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I am not in the specific know on this, but I'd advise that if indeed the pin is really ON the shoe and not that a pin goes through a HOLE in the shoe - that if you are indeed correct on this, then maybe your shoes are for some other vehicle option that has or does not have some other features about it, like for some 4-wheel drive package or something. ?

I'd re-inquire with parts store on this. If nothing gets changed and they don't know either, maybe guys out at a junkyard could tell you what is up, as they have all-around knowlege about stuff from all the dismantling of stuff they do, and some junkyards work on cars, also.

Or call the Dodge garage and ask to speak to the service manager.
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Hmmmm, been a while since I did the rears on my 98 Dakota (now long gone, tyvm), but I seem to remember an issue like that.

Myers, are you sure that pin can't be pressed or driven out, and re-installed on the new shoes?

Also, you might look at the spring and retainer replacement kits at the parts store, and see if the pin is included in there. You really should replace the springs and stuff anyway, but I won't rag on that, I haven't always done it myself.

Also, if you have a good brake shop nearby, you could stop by and ask one of their mechanics?
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I think that there is a little c-clip on back side of shoe , pop that off pin comes out reinstall on new shoe.

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