Dex Cool, is it really death for gaskets?


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Dex Cool, is it really death for gaskets?

While at local mechanic garage today, had a few minutes to sit down and read a trade magazine about how dex cool is really the end of the world for any gaskets in your motor! I asked the owner of shop, who is ASE certified, he believed the same, dex cool is terrible for any motor. He mentioned Global coolant (he thinks is best) , which I never heard of, guess its a foreign car coolant, , or use green coolant his opinion is fine, after a good flush and pressure check, to ensure the gaskets have no damage.
Am I the last one on this planet to find this out, has this been common knowledge for quite a while or what? Why is dex cool still on shelfs at parts houses?
Last Nov I figured I was using the proper coolant when I drained and filled my son's 2000 Grand Am 6cyl with original mfg coolant, i.e. dexcool! Now I wonder have I done more harm than good!

Any thoughts or comments on this from the pros?

Thank You,
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I have never heard of damage resulting from using a manufacturer's product (GM) in a GM vehicle. I personally don't use ethylene glycol in my vehicles for environmental issues, but rather use propylene glycol in the form of Sierra or others. They pose no problems on the GM vehicles, since their makeup is different than the regular antifreeze. You may want to check the labels of the antifreezes out there and compare them to the requirements of your vehicle's requirement sticker or manual for their compatibility.
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GM has had ongoing legal problems regarding DexCool. Just google 'dexcool lawsuit' and you will find plenty.

From what I have read, the problems arise when air and dexcool get together in the cooling system. Then corrosion starts. DC can't tolerate air.

GM's position has always been that there is nothing wrong with DexCool; if the cooling system is functioning properly (read as not leaking and getting air into the system), it is fine. Of course, their position is also based on the fact if they don't say DC is OK, they will be out beaucoup bucks!

My personal position is that my older cars (everything we own!) may not have perfect cooling systems and I don't want DC eating the innards of my engine, radiator, etc.
The bottom line for me is the old green ethylene glycol coolants can tolerate air in the system with no adverse consequences.
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So can propylene glycol without the adverse affects on your dogs, squirrels and other livestock. Never want to see an animal die of ethylene glycol poisoning.
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If in doubt, use Zerex G-05. It is a hybrid OAT that doesn't have the problems associated with Dex-Cool.

More reading on the Dex-Cool problem:

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