steam at radiator cap


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steam at radiator cap

1997 2.4l grand am....have been having to add water periodically...can't see any water in oil...when engine comes up to temp, starting to see steam around pressure cap on reservoir....upper radiator hose gets warm so i think thermostats i looking at new water pump? tough to change?i know it's in a bad spot since it's driven off timing chain...thanks for any tips
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It's a pressurized system regulated by the radiator cap. It sounds like your cap is a little weak and needs to be replaced.

I would still check for a combustion chamber leak. Remove the cap (when engine is cold), start the engine and allow it to warm up with the cap off. You will have an overflow of coolant, but there shouldn't be bubbles blowing the coolant out. The latter would indicate leaking into a combustion chamber.

If you add water frequently, keep checking for external leaks = hoses,connections, radiator/heater core as well as leaks into the engine oil = elevating oil level and milky color.

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