my 97 suzuki sidekick hatch wont open!!!


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Angry my 97 suzuki sidekick hatch wont open!!!

I went to open the hatch of our suzuki sidekick and when i pull the handle up nothing happens. The handle stays up and i have to use my my keys to pry it back down. If i turn my keys to the right it unlocks like normal, and to the left it will lock all the doors like normal. I can open the inner panel of the door but that is as far as my knowledge takes me in this.

Could this be just a loose cable, a lever or something far worse???????????
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Most latch problems I've seen have been caused by the rods coming out of the holes they're supposed to be in. If you can get the interior trim off enough to see the handle mechanism, see if the rods (a little thicker metal than a wire coat hanger) haven't popped out of their holes. It would be very easy to see. I had this recurring problem on the hatch of my '98 astro van. Good luck.
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When you have panel off, if you check all linkages & rods, and they seem to be where they belong, try spraying penetrating fluid (WD-40 or similar) on all the places you see parts or linkages joined, where they may pivot, back of key tumbler etc. My Caravan did similar, and so did friends Nissan Maxima trunk, and it was all just rusted & seized linkages. After I got them unseized, I sprayed grease all over those areas to prevent same in near future.
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thaks for all who posted to this (awhile ago)

it was the rods that came out thank you for that input...since then have sold the piece of junk lol

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