Transmission Question for a 1989 Chevy Cavalier


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Transmission Question for a 1989 Chevy Cavalier

What causes a Automatic TransAxle to shift hard from park to drive/park to reverse/reverse to drive or drive to reverse on a 1989 Chevy Cavalier 2.0 engine FWD when cold or luke warm. I have already changes the fluid and filter but it still shifts hard, but when it gets completely warmed up it don't shift as hard. Is this Trans. fixing to go out? Thanks for any help you can provide
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if it shifts hard from the park position to another gear, it sounds like the engine is reved up to high. try idling it down a little. if this happend all at once, that may be a bigger provlem than it souinds like. MORE INFO.
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idle speed is very important to shift feel when engaging the transmission...referred to as "garage shift feel". idle speed is the first thing to check. next...check to see if the motor mounts are in good condition and that the bolts are all there and tight. broken mounts are obvious to the eye, you'll have to put a wrench or socket on the bolts to see if they are tight. if those things are should have a pressure test done on the transmission to determine the operating pressure in every range at minimum and then maximum TV pressure. there are a few hydraulic issues that could cause your problem. as for the differential thing...possible but unlikely. the pinion crosshaft is held in that diff with a roll pin...they don't come loose, they fall out and the trans dies a violent death. I've only seen a few of those in a 125c trans. also, if it's the differential, that's a complete tear down and rebuild (hardly a minor repair since the diff is inside the trans...hence the name, transaxle) and that's probably more than the car is worth. check the other stuff first...even a sticking valve in the valve body is repairable with the trans in the vehicle...keep also in mind that if you let it go, it WILL break hard parts inside the trans.
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Turns out the front motor mount was broke change it problem solved thanks a lot carguyinva really appreciate the help

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