95 K2500 Transmission shift problems

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Angry 95 K2500 Transmission shift problems

If i drive the truck slow to moderate acceleration it will shift fine,if i go at a fast rate of speed the trans will only shift into 2nd and begain to slip and will not shift into 3rd,at this point i stop the truck turn it off wait 5 minuites restart it and go a slow rate of speed and it will shift normal again but if i go fast it will not shift this is all done after the vehicle is at operating temp if i start it cold and go without leting it warm up it will sometimes shift ok what the is the problem
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how many miles? sounds like some band adj. is in order. have you ever changed the fluid and filter(if it has one)? if you have a service manual, see if the bands are adjustable from the outside. some(dodge) are partially adjustable from the outside, and the rest is adjustable with the pan off. i'm guessing a lot of miles and no trans. oil change! good luck.
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it doesn't have any band adjustments. it works ok when you drive it easily because it can't take the heavy load. when you mat the accelerator, you are exceeding it's ability to hold (it slips)...when it slips, it puts the trans into a failsafe mode and then it just stays in one gear. that trans is toast if it slips at all...there are no adjustments and at this point, changing the fluid will most likely hasten it's complete demise. your options are, baby the hell out of it and get all you can...or drive the hell out of it and risk walking. good luck...

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