Chipped Differential Gear


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Chipped Differential Gear

When replacing rear wheel bearings on a 1997 Grand Cherokee, I noticed one of the side (axle) gears in the differential had a pit/gouge on the side.
The pinion gears look ok (not sure which one was the mate to this side since they both fell out at once).

OK to just replace the side gear or should I get a new pinion gear to go with it?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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If the gear was damaged on the tooth contact face, there would be a good chance both gears had been damaged and both should be replaced.

It would be a good idea to find out what caused the damage, though. A gouged gear facing is usually a lubricant issue, in which case the damage could have occurred on more than just the one or two components.

Hope this helps,

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you'll probably have to buy the gears as a kit for the differential. 2 side gears, 2 pinion gears and a cross shaft with bolt...that's how they used to come anyways. keep in mind that the side and pinion gears don't rotate against each other unless you are cornering. normal driving through turns unless they are sharp barely has the side and pinion gears rotating at all against each other. i've seen lots of (most, in fact) side and pinion with gouging and deep scratches on them, and it doesn't make any noise. try driving the vehicle in circles to see if you can hear any noise. driving in circles makes the side and pinion gears rotate alot against each other.
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Took the gear in to a local differential shop who also said only sold in set of four and also agreed these gears only used in cornering. Since my differential noise is noticeable while driving straight, I put the old gear back in.

I am going to post another thread dealing with the noise.

Thanks for your help.

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