convert to electronic ignition


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convert to electronic ignition

I have a 1955 chevy with a 350 small block. how much am i looking at to convert to electronic ignition
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Not too difficult at all. You may want to visit JC Whitney or others online for a complete kit. Post a couple of pix so we can see this morph. 350, should run good. Not stock, but who cares.
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I'd suggest a Petronix

ignition unit. They basically replace your stock points, no distrubutor mods. Not sure, may depend on the model, but you may need to run one extra wire for the unit.


Hope this helps!

PS These units are available from many different sources, so shop around for prices.
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retro kits are ok but keep inmind that points type distributors were prone to wear from the side loading of the points themselves. it may be cheaper to do it that way but the firing intervals can get really sloppy.

price a reman dist from your local parts supplier for a mid to late 70's passenger car. you'll also need to cap and rotor to go with. don't use the original feed wire to the old coil as there is resistance built into that wire. points type ign systems didn't use a full 12 volts but electronic ones do, so you'll have to do a little wiring. you may also have to play around with the mechanical and vacuum advance schedules to ge the most out of the car. lots of tinkering but is generally a good upgrade.
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Originally Posted by borquez View Post
I have a 1955 chevy with a 350 small block. how much am i looking at to convert to electronic ignition
I always used a 70's HEI as carguy stated and added an advanced curve kit to the dist.. always worked great for me. i now have a '29 Ford "A" p/u with 283 and decided to go back to points. not driven a lot, but never had a road breakdown with points that couldn't be fixed. simple but effective, however, maybe not as HOT as HEI or aftermarket dist.. I drive and show not race.
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convert ign

They tried using points to trigger solid state ign years ago and in cold climates the points would frost up because of the low current going across them.

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