2000 Dodge Caravan...windshield wipers

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2000 Dodge Caravan...windshield wipers

ok....so my passenger side windshield wiper just quit working one day.....driver side works fine......so i continue to drive....then broken one starts partially working moves about 3 inches then thumps back....or every other swipe it works....what is wrong???? help please

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The nut holding the arm to the pivot is loose, pop the cap off, set the pass. side wiper at park/rest position then use 15mm wrench tight up the nut, replace the cap and check it operation.
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If you lift the plastic cover off the other end of the wiper arm where the arm bolts on, you'll see a nut holding it on there. spray that with WD-40 or similar . Put the wipers in park position. ( where they normally sit when off) If the passenger side isn't already there, move it there by hand, slowly. Now, I would normally take nut off and pry/wiggle, wiper arm off, clean inside the wiper arm where it attaches to the pivot, and clean the pivot too, and re-assemble & tighten carefully. I say carefully because those studs are not that strong and could easily snap if too much tightening is applied. You can try just tightening the nut some more, and see if it cures your problem, but I'd go the whole 9 yards. If it is too stripped inside the arm housing, it will eventually do it again, and a new arm will be needed, but I have had some luck at just tightening the nut. Good Luck

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