Replacement of '99 Mercury Sable bypass tube


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Question Replacement of '99 Mercury Sable bypass tube

Looking for some info on how to replace the "bypass tube" on a '99 Mercury Sable. There are 2 sensors mounted on the bypass tube; one is the temperature guage sending unit and the other is the ECT sensor. Problem I have is the metal male end extending from the bypass tube is cracked (where the rubber hose connects to this extension tube). Assuming the 2 sensors are removed, how is the bypass tube removed?
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Directions on how to replace the bypass tube on a '99 Mercury Sable

Remove the Sending Unit and ECT from the Bypass t=Tube using a 3/4" deep socket. May need to remove overhead air duct to allow for additional room. Loosen pipe clamp of 7/8" rubber tube leading to heater core and push off of Bypass Tube. I took a small pipe wrench and used a piece of 1" galvanized pipe (1 foot long) and slid it over the handle of the pipe wrench for additional leverage. I then turned the Bypass Tube free from the Thermostat housing. As I turned the Tube back and forth, I wedged a large screw driver between the block and Bypass Tube with eventually pulled the Bypass Tube away from the block. After separting the Bypass Tube, I used a 2" piece of 1" schedule 40 galvanized pipe (just long enough to cover the length of the male end of the Bypass Tube leading to the heater core and prevent damage to the tube) and tapped the new Bypass Tube back into the thermostat housing/block. Once this was seated, I replaced the ETC and Sending Unit using teflon tape and Permatex gasket maker paste to seal the threads. Everything else was reconnected and I was back in business after refilling the antifreeze fluid. Good luck!!

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