Windshield ICE wear out wiper blades


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Windshield ICE wear out wiper blades

I am sure that hard ice on the windshield is hard on the wiper blades so I dont put them on until most of the windshield is defrosted.
My wife has a habit of leaving her wipers on and turning off her car. When I go to start it in the morning I get snow dumped on me. Oh well.
Then I started to wonder.

Can the blades be damaged by the ice in one swipe of the ice??

What do you think??
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Yes they can,and if the blades freeze to the windshield and you turn on wipers you run the risk of damaging the blades,wiper arms,and the wiper motor,
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Got the same problem Frankiee ! that's 1 of the reasons that I don't buy expensive blades. Then comes the summer & bugs, where I keep a squeegie near the house with soap & water in the pail, to remove hardened bugs before using wipers, but, if I'm not the first one to the vehicle, the hardened bugs get washed with wipers, which results in 4 or 5 streaks or lines on windsheild, from damaged blades, and 99% of the time at least 1 or 2 are right in your line of sight.
At about 10 bucks a piece, I tend to get a little less excited, than if it were $20-$25 blades every time.

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