Towing damage

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Towing damage

I'm sure TG knows the answer to this, but I've always wondered. Lucky enough to never put it to the test.

When a car or whatever is illegally parked and police call for a tow that results in damage to the towed vehicle, where does the liability for the damage fall?
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I'm sure TG will weigh in, but heres what happened to me.
Had to get a car out that was too close to the other parked cars. No one else to help me push it, got it in neutral (older car, no steering lock), put a hook under the front frame (or so I thought), pulled it out at an angle with the truck, CRUNCH!!, GUSH!!! ...the hook was embedded in the, hey it was my first day drivin alone!!!!

I would have been personally responsible, but it was my first mistake, company had a 1 'gimme' policy, so they fixed it.

Now when I almost ripped a lady's door off 2 months later,I coulda been in real hurt city, but when she called the next day from the city jail in LA wanting bail cause she was in on Grand Theft Auto....I sorta got away with it...heh heh.

No, I don't tow cars anymore, that was almost 30 yrs ago, and I was so much younger then.....

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