Mildew smell


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Mildew smell

After repairing a water leak, what is the best way to get the mildew smell out of the carpet? Thanks, Terry
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Originally Posted by TOPTECH View Post
After repairing a water leak, what is the best way to get the mildew smell out of the carpet? Thanks, Terry
not much you can do now. best i know of is to remove carpet during really hot weather - means middle of the summer - and spread it in the sun for maybe whole entire day. turn it once or twice so that both sides are clensed by ultraviolet.
also, you probably have padding under the carpet, and that needs same treatment. and leave doors wide open. make sure you have no water in tire well in the trunk.
i tried arm and hammer carpet powders on wet carpets - don't do it, it will cake to carpet and eventually starts rottening and adds to stink.
if you are very stubborn and have mucho time on hand - you could try hair dryer. problem is - unless carpet is totally dry, it'll stink. it's not the carpet, it's bacteria and other little kritters that just love that nice warm WET carpet.
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Probably a bad time to be running the ac in W. Va, but it would dehumidify the interior if you let it run long enough.
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Ozone machines are often used to remove odors from vehicles. Odor absorbers like kitty litter, coffee grounds, and activated charcoal from pet store are frequently used. These are placed in pie pans or or other container that will slip underneath the front seats.

Carpet and upholstery can be cleaned with enzyme digester cleaner/deodorizer. These are marketed under a variety of names like pet mess cleaner, OdoBan, Nature's Miracle, Out, and others. As indicated, carpet cushion and upholstery padding can not be cleaned. Enzyme cleaner/deodorizer can be sprayed into intake vents beneath the front window while AC is runnning to deodorize vents.

Perhaps a professional detailer's thorough cleaning and deodorizing would be a quicker solution to the mildew odor.
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Im no expert and I dont know a good answer but I will tell you this...
I recently got a car and the drivers side was saturated with water and salt from the road. And it stunk bad
I continue to shop vac every weekend and scrub in carpet cleaner.Just the drivers side Now, after about the 6th time, it smells better than my wifes car. (Winter does that to carpets)
In my case I think it was just a matter of time and effort.

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