95 Mazda Millenia Codes


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95 Mazda Millenia Codes

An update to a previous post. I just pulled the codes off the Millenia and got 5. He claims the light has been on for 5 years and has been told they are not an issue (I question whether they were ever cleared). He just had a bunch of work done (distributor replacement and a timing belt replacement to name a few).

The codes are:
P0725 (Spd Sensor Malfunction),
P1170 HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 Circuit Fixed (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
P1195 EGR Boost Sensor Circuit
P1521 VRIS Solenoid '1' Circuit
P1792, which has no listed definition (that I could find), but displays "transmission".

Any suggestions?

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you may have your work cut out for you here. they'd matter to me...the car may run, but it doesn't run right. unless you have a scan tool you can't look at and/or record the freeze frame data stored in the on board computer. are you using a code scanner? if so, i think you're going to have to take the old route, clear the codes and drive it and see what comes back first. this could be an ongoing process. it doesn't look like any of those codes will turn the MIL on by starting only so when you road test it to see what comes back, you'll need to make 2 consecutive "trips". drive the car 15 or 20 miles in varying conditions then stop...turn the car off and wait a few minutes...start it back up and drive it home. the light should have come on and set one or more codes. start with the lowest.
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That is basically what I told him to do. He claims he had the light on for about 5 years, some work had been done, but he was always told the light was not significant. He claimed that the light has always been lit and never went out after service. So these could be 5 years worth of codes that were never reset.

I told him I could not take the car without knowing more. I cleared the codes with the scanner, and drove about 5 miles at moderate speed, no lights. I gave him the car back, told him to go get an up to date inspection (expires this month) and put about 40-50 miles on it (take it home, drive around town, etc) and bring it back to work in the morning. I will look to see if there are any codes. I noted the miles just to make sure he did it. I know him, I am pretty sure he will do it, because he does not want to sell a faulty product, especially to the people he works with. He also does not know how to clear or read the codes (does not have a scanner).

I guess we will see.

Thanks for the advice.

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