seized brakes


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Question seized brakes

i was chainging a tire and applied the emergency brakes on my 93 lexus gs 300 after i was done i tried to release the brake and the pedal was floppy and the realized the drivers side brake was stuck is this serious or something i can do myself do i just take off the caliper and try to get it unseized?? or do i have to replace the entire caliper any kind of advise would be a great help
thanks in advance
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the parking brake assembly is actually inside the rear rotor. it's a small set of shoes expanded by a lever controlled by the cable. something is bound up...could be the cable, the lever mechanism or even the shoes have become delaminated. the cable is the most common thing, it hooks onto a linakge the sticks out of the inside of the backing plate. unbolt the cable anchor so the lever can return to it's released position. if it returns on it's own, the cable is probably frozen, replace it. if the lever doesn't move (it's spring loaded on the inside) then it is frozen and the caliper and rotor will have to be removed. this may prove challenging as you'll have to find a way to release the shoes inorder to get the rotor off.
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thanks carguy
where is this located
on the drivers or passengers side?

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