ranger gas mileage

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ranger gas mileage

Last May I bought a 2001 Ford Ranger, straight shift with a 4 cylinder engine. I have not been pleased with the MPG. It started out getting 21 MPG. Over the past few months it has really dropped. Last fillup it averaged 15.50 MPG. I am not driving any different. I drive to work and back, and go pick up my daughter. I have a mixture of short trips and highway mileage.

The truck has new plugs and wires, new air filter, new fuel filter. I recently started using full synthetic motor oil. Truck now has 106,000 miles on it. I keep a check on tire pressure, so they will be properly inflated. The main reason I bought this truck was it was a straight shift, and I have always been told they get better gas mileage than an automatic.

A guy I work with recently got a 2002 Ranger. It is a 6 cylinder automatic. He averages 18 MPG. As you read above, my truck isn't even getting that here lately. It is very upsetting.

A mechanic told me to try Z-Max fuel additive. He said it was really good stuff. I looked for it at my local Wal-Mart, but didn't find any. When I fill up, my truck will usually holds around 13 to 14 gallons. I used to be able to drive 260 to 280 miles, around 20 MPG. Now, I am lucky to go 200 miles or so, on a fillup.

I don't know any thing else to do so that my MPG will improve on this Ranger. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like it's in limp home mode. Check for trouble codes. I found this site telling mileage you should get.
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I agree; at the very least have the codes read. Better yet would be to get it on a full-function scanner and see what all the sensors and systems are doing.
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Buddy had a Ranger...older than yours I'm sure, but......

After he took it to a dealer and they were quoting many hundreds...he dug into it. Found the fuel pressure regulator (?) was controlled by vacuum. Turns out it was a leaky diaphragm and his power brake booster was filled with gas on one side. But his mileage went down to about 10...so.....

Just something from my past

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