Town & Country Spark Plugs


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Town & Country Spark Plugs

Please help. I have 130000 miles on a 2000 Chrysler Town & Country van. I'm sure the spark plugs need changed, but how does one get to the 3 plugs on the back side of the engine? It is a 3.8 Litre V-6.
Thanks in advance.
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This link will help, but it isn't easy.
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try this link much better with pictures
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If that is for real, what that guy says you have to do to change the plugs, - I have to thank you because I will never buy one of these vehicles!.

If you were to have said the spiel he gets into is a comedy routine (it's almost as bad as "who's on first"), I'd believe that as well. Did you actually read what is involved? Everyone should. Then maybe people might boycott such products and then the manufacturer would have to redesign.

Oh. This is how you undo my plugs:
Get out your socket set.
Pull off the plug wires.
Unscrew the spark plugs.
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I'd trade it off before I did all that. I didn't even take the wiper module off when I did mine - a couple of times. Of course my wife wouldn't come near me while I was doing it. Let's hear it for I-4s!

I don't know why they don't put an access panel in the cab. I guess that would make too much sense??

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you got to be kidding

You got to be kidding me. What was Chrysler thinking when they made this van? I would almost be tempted to cut out a section of firewall.
I would rather pay someone then to do it myself my time is too valuable then to go thru all that to replace 3 stupid spark plugs.
I sure do miss the 60s V8s a 13/16 socket a ratchet a extension and a can of beer and about 10 min.
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would suggest you have it done at a shop you do not have to remove anything to change the rear plugs but it is difficult, but by placing the van on a lift and letting the exhuast cool down a while you can change all three of the rear plugs while standing underneath the van, probably a good idea to go ahead and change the plug wires also if they are original.
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As BeJay said : It can be done on a hoist with a little effort, right tools, and patience. I own a 99' 3.8L, and have been there, done that. Didn't have to remove all that stuff either. Call a Chrysler dealer for a quote first, then decide whether you will do it, or they.

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