Replacing head gaskets chevy 350


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Replacing head gaskets chevy 350

OK so i am going to be replacing the head gaskets on my SBC 350 ive got the gaskets, and a new set of head bolts. what if any should i use for thread locker? Also I think the the correct torque for these is 65fpt but what is the torque sequence? BTW these are stock cast heads.

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Thumbs up head gaskets

NO thread locker! thread anti-seize! check on torque to be sure but i think you are right-65/70 ft.lbs.. torque clockwise, center starting point; small circle to large. i like to torque about half way (all) then re-torque to specs. after a few miles recheck.
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If the head bolts go into the water jacket, then you will need thread sealer on the bolts.

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