front tires shimmy


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Question front tires shimmy

2004 Oddessy front tires shimmy, therefore steering wheel
wobbles too. sometimes a lot, sometimes very little, few times none at all. Any hints?
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Get a front end alignment & your tires balanced..........
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I'd jack up the front end and check for play. If no worn parts - you're ready for alignment and balance.

Also check for uneven tire wear [a sign of worn part or out of align] Make sure the lugs are all tight.
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Have you hit any big pot holes or ran into a curb? possible bent wheel. at what speed does it shimmy? Car is pretty new so worn parts are unlikley unless damage was caused by a hit of some kind.
Another possible cause is tire ply seperation.
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All good suggestions.


Does it pull to one side when driving?

How is the tread on the tires? Are they thin?

Did you check your tire pressure in ALL 4 tires?

When you drive at 5 mph does the car sway from left to right?
Could be a bad tire or bent rim or just plain worn out.
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air pressure first
tire condition and steering linkage condition next
then balance
if you can jack the tire off the ground, then looking straight at the tread at the very bottom, sight against something that doesn't move and roll the tire, you'll see it if the tire has a separation. real unlikely that you have an alignment problem as that has more to do with directional stability and handling. wobble, shimmy, nibble, shake...all those things suggest something in the tires or linkage.
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What Carguyinva says is what you need to do.
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