1989 plymouth voyager 4 cyl stall carb shut off


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Question 1989 plymouth voyager 4 cyl stall carb shut off

Hello, I sure could use some help here. I have this voyager that has a diffrent than original eng, It stalled on the road and wont start. Who ever put the motor in didnt hook up the code lights, I have 15 lbs fuel pressure at the carb or throttle body system, Today I replaced a Hall effect sensor I have spark all other systems in the engine are ok if I pour fuel in the throat it fires, the carb seems to be shut off, if I cross the female conections to the hall sensor the ASD relay clicks and a unit foward in the front passenger fender clicks. all fuses are ok ouestion 1 can some tell me what the unit in the passenger fender is it seems to have a spicket on both sides and the body somewhat looks like a coil or 2 inch diam speaker magnet and has one of the fuel lines to it. I'm lost here after 10 hrs surfing . I bet the devil will be a electronics repair shop owner and Ill get hired. any advice PLEASE!!!
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don't cross over connections unless you know exactly what you are doing...it's a great way to let the smoke out of something you probably don't want to buy.

go buy a "noid" light or make one with a 25mA bulb from radio shack (don't use a tail light bulb or anything that big, they draw too much current and can trash your controller). disconnect the connector to the fuel injector and see if the light blinks when cranking. a blinking light = a failed injector. no blink means you either don't have 12 volts or injector drive to the injector. with the injector connector removed, probe the wires one at a time...key on, engine off...one should have 12 volts (check with a voltmeter or test light to ground). if you have 12 volts, connect your test light to battery positive and then probe the other wire and cracnk the engine. the light should blink, if it doesn't...it sounds like you have a bad puter.
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you dont have a check engine or power loss light on the dash that will flash codes if you cycle the key on and off 3 times leaving it in the on position?
your fuel pressure is ok if you find you dont have injector pulse you should try disconnecting the map sensor 3 wire electrical connector and then see if vehicle will start the map sensor is usually on the passenger fender or firewall will have one vacum line going to it.
a bad computer is a possibility but pretty rare would make sure you check all power and grounds going to computer as well as ohming the wire to the injector before condeming it.

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