2001 kia sephia timing marks


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2001 kia sephia timing marks

Hi I have a 2001 kia sephia 1.8 liter dohc. It has been misfiring. I replaced many parts trying to fix it and it was good for a few days. It is idling and running rough again. I told the dealership what I have done and they said it should have fixed it. They told me my timing may have skipped a tooth. My book says the timing cannot be adjusted. But I want to know does anyone know what the timing marks are on the camshafts and where they are supposed to be. This is my last try before I take it somewhere. Thank you
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This is the procedure for removing the belt, but you want to check the alignment marks are still lined up. Crank at TDC and remove Valve Cover may all you need to do.

1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
2. Loosen power steering lock bolts and nuts accordingly and remove tension from power steering (P/S) and/or air conditioning (A/C) compressor drive belt.
3. Remove P/S and/or A/C drive belt.
4. Loosen generator mounting bolts and adjusting bolt.
5. Remove generator bolts.
6. Remove water pump pulley.
7. Remove crankshaft pulley and timing belt guide plate.
8. Remove upper and lower timing belt covers.
9. Turn crankshaft so that timing mark on timing belt pulley is aligned with timing mark on engine.
10. Check that "I" mark on intake camshaft pulley is aligned with mark on cylinder head cover and "E" mark on exhaust camshaft pulley is aligned with mark on cylinder head cover.

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Thanks i am going to work on it saturday. Ill let you know.
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you should tell us what parts have been replaced and why. at this point you've just tried a bunch of stuff but you aren't giving us much opportunity to help you sort it out.
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Alright heres the whole story. My car started running real rough and idling bad then my check engine light came on and i got the codes read at autozone. There were 4 codes : random misfire detected, 1 2 and 3 cylinder misfires detected. I replaced the plugs with original ngk plugs, wires, 1 ignition coil(then I switched back and forth with the 2 used ones and left the one on that ran the best), fuel filter. I checked the fuel pressure and it was within the specs from my book, Pcv valve was sucking like its supposed to, sprayed carb cleaner all over the engine compartment(while running and no leaks found), cleaned the mass airflow sensor with electrical cleaner, listened to injectors with stethescope (seemed to be ticking like supposed to), traced all of my ignition component wires (nothing loose or disconnected, checked for coolant in oil (nothing found). then i called the dealership and they said to check my timing marks and see if a pulley jumped a tooth. Any advice would be appreciated Thank you in advance.

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