lighting problems


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lighting problems

I Have A 1997 Z28 Camaro And The Tail Light On The Driver Side Only Works Durring The Day Time When The Night Time Light Come On It Goes Out The Bulb Is Good And Also The Pasenger Side Marker Light Is Out Bulb Is Good There Also Anyone Have Any Advice
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Start by checking all ground connections. If a plug in bulb socket does not have a separate ground wire, clean around the socket(s) and body metal insertion holes with sand paper. You want a shiny metal to metal connection. Same with ground wires. Remove and clean up the terminal on the wire and the spot on the metal car body where the wire attaches. Even clean the underside of the bolt or screw head.
It takes a while, but I think that the added current draw when all lights are on is causing one or more weak grounds to act as resistors, cutting power to certain lights.
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check for voltage available at the bulb connecter when the bulb isn't's real unlikely that you have a ground problem other than in the bulb socket itself. all the lamps are plastic so there is a separate wire for each ground but they all go to one place on newer cars. a wire diagram of the tail, stop and turn lamps would be most helpful here. i need to see a diagram just to figure how you could possibly have a tail lamp durinig the day, but not at night. typically, DRL's don't even light up the tail lamps...just the headlamps on either low beam or on high beam with reduced power.

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