Fluid Life and Teflon Tape


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Fluid Life and Teflon Tape

What is the shelf life of motor oil sealed and if the seal is open?
Everything I read about brake fluid says that you should discard whatever you don't use after you break the seal. Is there something I can do so I don't have to throw it away?
One more question ... Can I use Teflon Tape on a Drain Plug in place of a plastic washer? Will it hold up to the heat?

Thanks for your replies
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In terms of the motor oil sealed and resealed well would fall into the same category. I've never heard of shelf life on it. If there's a dating on it, I've never noticed. Most of the time it's bought to be used in a relativiely short time, maybe six months.

In an opened container brake fluid can absorb moisture which leads to problems in a brake system. A brake system reservoir has a diapraghm that contracts with a reduction in brake fluid which keeps the air/moisture out of the master cylinder.

Teflon tape shouldn't be used to seal in an application where a nylon washer is required. Heat really isn't the issue, but the type of sealing design. The washer is compressed and seals by that pressure. Teflon tape is normally used on a pipe type thread. In that design you have a tapered female and male thread that tighten into each other. Those threads compress the tape and seal with it.

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