2 Porsche questions


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2 Porsche questions

Good morning,

I am still in the market, and after much looking, I have come to the determination that I am in the middle of a mid life crisis and I need a toy. I am looking at a relative inexpensive toy, however, so when this disease is cured, I will not be out a whole lot.

That said, I have seen one Porsche 944 and will be looking at another today.

The first, needs lots of cosmetic work, but engine appears to be solid (no signs of oil leaks), as does the front end. While driving it, I stopped, popped the hatch (and hood, etc). When I started moving again, there was a very loud howl that had me concerned. Thinking back, I wonder if it could have been because I moved the air deflector on the sun roof and the entire car resonated. Hmm, any thoughts would be appreciated.

Second car, looks great in the pictures (will see more today I hope). The owner says it has a slight front end shake at 50 mph (concern #1) and it leaks oil (or it could burn oil... concern #2). I am going to try to see if I can see where the oil is coming from. Any ideas (common to this car, seals, oil pan (could I be that lucky?) ).

Any thoughts, concerns would be greatly appreciated.

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Fun toys indeed they are! I have two 944s and a 914.

Unfortunately I am not a mechanic-type so I cannot give you an educated answer.

What years are these? Pre 1985 1/2 or after?

Regarding the first car, I can think of nothing common to the model that would cause a howl. I would simply determine where it is coming from first. If it was just an air noise coming from the sunroof then that of course is good news. (And the sunroof controls on these things are tricky, aren't they?)

If you really want some expert advice, head over to pelicanparts' 944 forum.

Can I ask how much these owners are asking for the cars? I wouldn't pay more than $4k for a car with any significant issues at all. All the money you are going to spend will be AFTER you have bought the car. All of mine have made me broke! To say nothing of the speeding tickets. *grin*
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Thanks for the input!

1 of the 2 is just a 944, not an S and is a 1987. That is the one with primarily cosmetic work (but needs new brake pads and possibly rotors). I can pick that one up for between 2500 and 3K. It sounds as though it is in the better drive train shape.

The other is a 86 944 turbo, the interior and exterior are in much better shape than the 944. It has some aftermarket add ons, including the performance chip. That is the one with the oil leak and the shake at 50 mph (have to see what that is). He is asking 6K for that one (I hope I could get him to come down).

I had looked at a few others, and thus far, these two appear to be the closest to priced right (as I said, the turbo would have to come down a little).

As for speeding tickets, I am a pretty conservative driver, I probably won’t use them for speed (just in case there are any law enforcement types out there ). I just want to be able to go the speed limit, 55 mph, on the mountain roads.
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If you want inexpensive, and according to Consumer Reports, reliability, take a look at a Mazda Miata.

If you just need a fair weather toy, straddle a Harley or similar cruiser.
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I know the Miata's are fun, and for the most part are not too expensive (compared to the Porsche). I thought about one, unfortunately, my wife said no. Not because of the size, not because of the fact I could barely fit a bowling ball in the trunk, but because our daughter is only 5 and we cannot leave her home alone, my wife would never get to ride and because she cannot drive a stick, she would never drive!!

Even though it is small, the 944 does have a back seat that my daughter fits nicely into (even with a car seat). When my daughter told me, "Daddy, you have to get this car." without prompting, my mind was made up!! With some aprehension.
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2 Porsche questions

Just trade everything in on a Porsche Cyenne AWD SUV Turbo. - Room for everyone, no shifting, lots of luxury and fools everyone.

Will outrun a Corvette on the straight, out-corner most real road cars, quieter than many Lexus and Mercedes and will go everywhere (up down and sideways) a Rover will go. - Amazing drive train!!!!

I have had Corvettes and SUVs, but this is a great vehicle.

The trouble is just being able to get the real full version. I understand it is like buying an AMG Mercedes, but only more difficult.

A used Porsche can be a pleasant challenge to keep in the condition most real drivers want to. Parts are readily available (a little pricey), and upgrades are available, so you can come close to some new performance (within practical limits) if you are not a restorer wanting to sell on a Barrett-Jackson auction. Because of the unique non-American engineering, it helps if you have a friend that has had some experience dealing with these wonderful machines.
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Hey, sounds great. Enjoy.
I probably started "mid life " late and the kiddies were gone.
My wife wont straddle my mid life ride - a Honda VTX 1300 cruiser - but that's okay. It's my therapy.

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