Spitting and sputtering


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Spitting and sputtering

I am getting code 22 and 26.it runs fine when cold but when it warms up it cuts out when accellerating.Level off and it runs fine.I changed ECM's and I am still getting the same codes.I was told 26 was ecm faluire?Is this true? By the was its a 93 Buick Lesabre Limited 3800 v-6
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We need a little more info, there are three different decode tables for the 93 3.8 V6, although all three are about the same. The best descriptions I found were on:


22 TPS voltage was under 0.2 volts for 4 seconds when the ignition was on.

26 Quad-Driver sense voltage shows a low voltage when battery voltage should be present, or if the sense voltage shows battery voltage when a low voltage should be present for at least 5 seconds when the engine was running.

A quick guess and the cheap route since both of the error codes involve incorrect voltages, would be to check the ground wire running from the negative terminal to the engine block. Many mechanics in a rush to complete a job don't reconnect this wire because the power usually will find a way back to the battery. This was fine in the 50's and 60's but not in the 90's and especially not today.
The battery negative terminal is usually connected to some point on the body or frame where all of the return paths are connected. My 98 Olds minivan(still can't remember how to spell Silhouette) has a stud on the inner fender well, passanger side near the battery, then wires run off to various places on the van including the engine block. This is the common point for all of the sensors, and if the engine electronics don't have a good connection to this point all sorts of things will happen.
Go to the car parts store and spend 20 bucks on a service manual for your car. It will have the engine codes and how to get them out of the computer, and an electrical schematic for the vehicle.
As I said funny things will happen with broken grounds. I had a friend who came to me saying that his right turn signal flashed his dome lights and the break light turned them on, it also affected his instrument panel lights and fuel guage. Luckly his was a cargo van without interior padding and we quickly found a broken ground wire on his right rear turn signal assembly. New connection fixed the problem.
Good luck, let us know what you find out.
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Have you ever TRIED to accelerate it when it is cold? Or is it already warmed up the time you get somewhere where you can accelerate the car good?
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spitting and sputtering

It does run better when its cold
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Might be the EGR valve. Happened to my dads 1997 buick with a 3800.
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Like 94 Jimmy said a ground is a good start. Also a manual. I would check coolant temp. sensor. If running better cold than hot. Also check alternator out put. If off will cause a problem.
Hope this helps!
David C


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