need help with Intrepid


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need help with Intrepid

I have a 96 Intrepid, 3.5 ltr. After 4 years of not having the a/c belt on the car (we cut it off to replace something, don't remember what) I decided to put it on to run the a/c. I put the belt on & charged the compressor. It worked great for about 2 weeks, then the belt broke. I changed the belt again, and again about 2 weeks later it broke. Now taking a closer look I see there's a chip on the drive sproket (?). Again I replaced the belt, again it broke. I saw what was involved in taking that sproket off (probably where the chip came from) and want nothing to do with that! Luckely the serpentine belt part is good. I'm thinking about taking a drumel and smothing out the edges of the chip, so it doesn't cut the belt. Is this advisable, could I make it worse. Any other ideas?
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are you talking about the pulley on the compressor that the belt rides on when you say sprocket? if the sprocket is damaged, it's unlikely that grinding on it will help...altho the only thing it'll cost you another belt and i'm guessing that you're pretty good at replacing it now...

if it's a different pulley, it may not be too bad to replace. the compressor pulley on the other hand requires some special tools to do correctly.
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It's the large pully that also drives the serpentine belt. I live in Florida, it's only $6 for a belt, $3 a week I can live with
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The crank pulley?
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nothing to loose

You got nothing to loose remove the sharp edges and carry a spare belt and tools.
The sharp edge is probbably eating your belts.

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